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Secure, Reliable and Ownership



Flexibility in Accessing and Working with Company Information

Your data security will be always at our top priority. No data will be permanently stored in Cloud. Dedicated data channel is allocated to each company for data communication between AutoCount Server and our Website. Your company will not be impacted even if another company’s server is compromised.

AOTG Work with multiple platforms. You have the flexibility in choosing your devices for accessing AOTG.

You can easily access your HQ Server Account via any browser by using your PC, laptop, tablet and also mobile phone, regardless you are using Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Android or IOS.

You have more choice in devices use to access AOTG.

No location dependency, now you can access your accounts from office, home or on the go

With Dashboard function, you will always have the latest information of the company business in your finger tips to help you make important decisions.

Manager or Director can easily know the daily sales analysis & statistics as well as daily cash received update from branches, cafes and etc

Data Ownership

Flexibility in Investment

Your data will be stored only in your server. We believed that you own your data, you should be able to retrieve your full data anytime.

Help in improving company cash-flow, No huge upfront investment to enjoy the service.

AOTG is subscription based where customers will be charged based on monthly basis. You have the flexibility by trying the software with minimum cost and terminate the service if it does not suit your business need.



AOTG is backed with back end AutoCount engine, which is robust, trusted, proven by its product history.


As Database is reside at your premises, office operation will not be impacted by Internet condition.



Easy to Setup

Wizard based installer will be provided to install a Window Service (AOTGClient Service) into your AutoCount machine. An user friendly tool is provided to configure AOTGClient Service and activate license. No additional firewall port to be opened, No DDNS setup required. No additional system software such as IIS required.

Least impact to existing business operation

AutoCount On The Go (AOTG) allow user to access company information via our website at any Internet Connection available place. No changes to office internal operation. Internal staffs will still allow to use AutoCount as it is.

Use any existing device

You just need any device with web browser to access to AOTG. No additional Apps to be installed to your device.