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Front-End Features

Receipt Printing


Data Entry

Faster character-based printing

Hold Bill and Recall Bill

Row discount

Option for bill printing

Credit sales

Total discount

Reprint last/current receipt

Partial Delivery

Barcode scanning, keyboard, touch-screen

Set printing length

Cash Sales

Change price / quantity

Merge last same item

Sales Order

Change UOM

Show item code/barcode


Clear / edit / delete transaction

Print 2 copies


Set promoter





Trade In

Void transaction control

Promotion Sales

Use 2nd description

Cash in/out

Weighing scale

Testing Transaction

Rounding up/off

Stock Backorder Control

Audit Trail

Multiple Payment Methods

Routine Operation


Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Voucher, Cheque, Points

Open Cash Drawer











Check Stock Level in other database

Item Search

Record Promoter Sales

On line synchronize POS transaction to back end

Cash out notification


Back-End Features


POS Reports

Stock Reports

POS User Maintenance

Cash Receipt Report

Stock Card Report

Voucher Maintenance

Cash Recording Report

Stock Balance Report

Terminal Maintenance

Credit Card Report

Stock Balance by Location Report

Credit Card Maintenance

Debit Card Report

Stock Movement Report

Debit Card Maintenance

Cheque Report

Stock Item Profit Margin Report

Role Maintenance

Voucher Report

Reorder Advice Report

Promoter Maintenance

POS Sales Report

Inventory Physical Worksheet Report

Promoter Commission Rate Maintenance

POS Outstanding Sales Order Report

Stock Status Report

Member Maintenance

Daily Sales Report

Stock Aging Report

Promotion Maintenance

POS Profit Margin Report














Price Plan Maintenance

Top Bottom POS Sales Ranking Report

POS Transaction Viewer

Trade In & Refund Report

Item Maintenance

Payment Analysis

Location Maintenance

Time Analysis

Post to Account

POS Session Report

Master Files Synchronization

POS Audit Trail

POS Settings

Multi-Dimensional POS Analysis







Promoter Sales Analysis

Promoter Commission Analysis

Debtor Listing

Member Listing

Voucher Transaction Listing

Bonus Point Transaction Listing