Food and Beverage POS System



Try to speed up sales/purchase process by maintaining Item Packages, Set Meals, or combinations of a list of items to be transacted as a package. AutoCount POS and F&B system are designed for easy setup with practical functions:


yesEWALLET (TNG, Boost, WechatPay...): Integrated with AutoCount system

yesEDASHBOARD (APP ON PHONE), Instant Monitoring the Restaurant Sales

yesEWAITER APP (APP ON PHONE), For Waiter can use Phone to take customer order, and the order will send to kitchen instantly

enlightenedMake a good use of modifier

enlightenedDisplay of Items Sold Out

enlightenedKitchen printer monitor to make sure you naver miss a single kitchen slip

enlightenedFor maximum effciency, assign separete printers to beverage station (to process drinks orders) and kitchen (to process food orders).

enlightenedMaking reservation

enlightenedYour may customize the content of kitchen slip (e.g. font size)

enlightenedIngredient reports such as listing of ingredient status and consumption report

enlightenedNotifications are automatically sent to the kitchen if an order or table is changed.



加速营运操作使用 【Item Package】, 定菜单以及统合项目。餐饮业系统简易功能:


yes电子钱包(TNG, BOOST, Wechatpay...): 与Autocount 后台直接连线。

yes手机APP, 可以随时查看你餐厅的业绩

yesE 服务员,让点餐变的更容易与快速


enlightened 售后显示


enlightened 订座设备

enlightened 原料采用报告




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